Roof Replacement in Winchester, Andover and the Surrounding Areas

Does the roof covering your property look tired and rundown? Or can you see clear signs of damage? No matter the quality of the original installation, your roofing materials will deteriorate with time. Of course, the older flat, slate and tile roofing gets, the more susceptible to damage it becomes. Once compromised, water leaks into your loft or attic, acting as a catalyst for rot, mould, mildew and damp issues. Wildlife finds it easier to access your property too. However, timely roof replacement work avoids these worst-case scenarios.

Operating out of Andover, MA Hinton Roofing Ltd carries out new roof and re-roofing services across Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. From Basingstoke to Winchester, and Newbury to Salisbury, our roofing contractors cover all needs in the domestic and commercial sectors.

When it comes to roofing issues, a swift response always results in a more cost-effective, less disruptive solution. If you think your roof no longer provides a watertight seal, or if it’s simply been in place for multiple decades and is nearing the end of its lifecycle, we can replace the compromised or ineffective materials.

Why Do You Need a Roof Replacement?

If you don’t replace ageing or damaged roofing materials, your property no longer has a robust barrier against the elements. Compromised flat, slate and tile roofing allow water to leak into the interior space beneath, be it a loft in a family home or a stock room in a commercial building. Put simply, these areas are supposed to stay dry.

As such, if water continues to ingress with increasing volume and regularity, it won’t take long to cause damage. When left undetected, or just unresolved, this not only weakens the structural integrity of your roof, but also your entire property.

In addition, the warmth of your exposed roof will also prove highly attractive to wildlife and pests looking for a comfortable, safe space to call home. Once inside, you won’t only face considerable stress, but also a sizeable bill for their removal.

If your property in Andover, Winchester or the neighbouring areas has an ineffective or damaged roof, it’s also far less efficient at retaining heat. As a result, when you turn on your central heating in the winter, you need to run it at a higher setting for longer to achieve the level of warmth you prefer. Of course, this represents an unnecessary expense, and one that you could have put toward roof replacement work.

We recommend calling our roofing contractors at the first sign of damage, or if you feel like your roof won’t survive another major storm or harsh winter. Quick action allows us to stabilise the situation and prevent it from worsening.

Following an inspection of your roof, our team can then advise the most appropriate solution. This will either be a partial or full re-roofing. Depending on the severity of the situation, we may also need to perform some repairs to the supporting structure too. This lays the foundations for a roof replacement with optimal longevity.

A Bespoke Re-Roofing Service

Roofs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They also degrade and suffer damage in unique ways too. As such, there’s no uniform approach to re-roofing. Like all reputable roofing contractors, we provide a bespoke solution tailored around the specific circumstances at your home or workplace.

Whatever the condition of the roof over your Andover, Winchester or local-area property, you can rely on MA Hinton Roofing Ltd for a complete start-to-finish service. This includes:

  • Partial re-roofing services

  • Full re-roofing services

  • Slate and tile roofing replacement

  • Felt flat roofing replacement

  • Listed building roofing replacement

  • Removal and disposal of old roof

You can rest assured, our roofing contractors only ever advise a full roof replacement as a last resort. However, in some cases, this option makes a more cost-effective long-term solution than continued repairs on a failing structure.

If your roof covering only has localised damage and is in an otherwise good condition, partial re-roofing typically ticks every box.

Do you need to replace your entire roofing structure? Our company also provides a service for new roofs.

Call 01264 356600, 07775 948556 (Dom) or 07774 951506 (Nick) to schedule an initial consultation about your own roof replacement in Andover, Winchester or the surrounding areas.